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Our Journey of High Hopes

Our Journey of High Hopes


“Had to have high, high hopes for a living

Shooting for the stars when I couldn’t make a killing

Didn’t have a dime but I always had a vision

Always had high, high hopes..”

Kristen and I have been on quite the mompreneur journey in creating Perfect Timing Ultrasound. Our dream began with the hope that we could help couples narrow down their ovulatory window. We thoroughly researched ultrasound monitoring of the development of follicles. Our investigation showed that this service drastically increases the odds of successful conception. Once this was confirmed, we knew we could bring this service to our community. We are well aware that IVF and reproductive endocrinologists utilize ultrasound as a key tool to help couples conceive. It is one tool amongst many at their disposal. There are several medical diagnoses that expedite a referral to such specialists. The issue for many, however, is correctly timing intercourse with ovulation. This can be very challenging if you have irregular periods or simply, just have irregular work schedules! Many couples just need that extra help with timing. We want to be there for these couples in the 18 month- 2 year period of “trying” that most OBGYN offices consider to be the standard timeframe before referring to specialists. This is the niche of people that we have dreamed about helping!

As our dream developed, we reflected on our own experiences becoming mothers. We realized that, in addition to helping women time ovulation, we wanted to offer services to pregnant women as well! As it says in the footer of our website, “Becoming a mother is an incredible transformation. We are both so passionate about our motherhood experience, that we opened a business centered around this phase of life. We feel privileged to fulfill the need that pregnant mothers have to connect with their little ones!” This sentiment is the foundation of Perfect Timing. It pertains both to our ovulation tracking services as well as our prenatal ultrasound services.

“Mama said don’t give up, it’s a little complicated

All tied up, no more love and I’d hate to see you waiting

They say it’s all been done but they haven’t seen the best of me-eh-eh-eh

So I got one more run and it’s gonna be a sight to see-eh-eh-eh”

Though we knew we wanted to implement our ovulation tracking at some point, we also knew that it would be challenging to open up both phases of the business at once. Early on in our journey, we reached out to a consultant group who specializes in opening 3D ultrasound businesses. Coming from a medical background, we needed all the help we could get! They provided us guidance through every aspect of opening a business. Because their specialty is with 3D Ultrasound, they were unable to help us facilitate the follicle measuring aspect of our business plan. We were unsure of what steps we needed to take and how in the world we would do both things at once. This is the reason for the staggered introduction of ovulation tracking.

We opened in July of 2018 offering only our prenatal ultrasound appointment types; 3D/4D & HD Live ultrasound, gender determination ultrasound as well as early pregnancy verification and other 2D ultrasound choices. We have never worked so hard, so tirelessly in all our lives! For weeks and weeks we educated ourselves on what it would take to open. We created the Perfect Timing brand and what it meant to provide these services to pregnant women while prioritizing safety above all else. As women, we were confident and excited but ANXIOUS, too. As mothers, we were scared. We were scared of the massive sacrifice, scared to let our families down. As wives, we were determined. Determined to prove that we could do this unimaginable thing, this crazy thing, and open a business of our own all while maintaining our roles at home! The learning curve was insanely steep, but we took it step by step, day by day. We worked late at night, in to the early morning hours because we are mothers with young children. We scheduled late conference calls with our consultants and business meetings on our breaks at work. We learned the many things we didn’t know. And then we opened.
It was amazing! The response from the surrounding community, our families, and our friends was beyond what we could have ever hoped for. We were blown away! Our clientele was aware of other businesses like ours, but chose to come to us! They love our location and know that they are in professionally trained hands with Kristen at the helm. Licensed by the ARDMS, she is well versed in the safety standards and knowhow of OB ultrasound. Kristen’s skill speaks for itself. This comes as no surprise considering her decade of experience scanning in OBGYN. As our consultants said, yes, this is an existing business, but show the world what makes you different!

“Stay up on that rise

Stay up on that rise and never come down, oh

Stay up on that rise

Stay up on that rise and never come down”

Now that we are settling in to our roles as business owners, we feel comfortable in taking the next steps. We have taken the necessary measures to introduce Ovulation Tracking. We contracted with a team of radiologists who are registered in Massachusetts and accredited by the Joint Commission. We could not be more thrilled to be offering this amazing service! We have just a few more things to accomplish prior to going live with Ovulation Tracking. We have High Hopes, like we have had from the beginning and fully intend to work through the complications that may present themselves and STAY up on that rise!

“Didn’t know how but I always had a feeling”


Thank you @PanicAtTheDisco for the incredible, inspiring song, High Hopes


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Riding the Crazy Train

i bite my babies- what to expect…really

i bite my babies- what to expect…really

Confession; I bite my babies. I seriously cannot even help myself. How could you NOT want to bite those cheeks!? Im feeling better about it though, because apparently, it’s science..and evolution! This article was such a fascinating read for me because, prior to having babies myself, I could never understand FOR THE LIFE OF ME why all of my female, Italian relatives were always going around biting peoples babies! Like, ok weirdos! But then, it happened to me! I had my son, Wes, and in no time, I found myself clenching my teeth every time I looked at him! And then, I was even BITING him..not like hard or anything, but I HAD TO. And it got even worse when I had Charlotte! Now, I’m constantly biting them and it’s just normal day-to-day life.

My point in writing this is to inform all of our 3D Ultrasound clients and any other mamas-to-be out there about this odd compulsion! “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” does not adequately prepare you for this! But ultimately, I’m not sure that anything could. People tell you that you don’t know what true love is until you have a baby.. They aren’t kidding! Sorry to all of the amazing hubbies out there, I mean no disrespect. Expectant mamas, it’s just the truth. The love you are about to encounter for your new baby is literally unfathomable. It makes you want to eat them for chrissakes! LOL Its true though! It’s all there in this amazing article from Motherly!

At Perfect Timing, we meet all kinds of people. Some pregnant women are so in love with the thought of their baby while others are like “look, idk what’s going on in there, but this still doesn’t feel real to me.” If you’re pregnant and wondering how you could ever feel so in love with your baby that you need to bite them for hours on end, DAILY, give yourself a break. Lots of women feel disconnected from the baby-on-board right up to delivery! Sometimes it takes a while even after birth to develop that bond. Fear not, the love is coming.. and when it does, it’s going to hit you like a freight train in the most beautiful, sometimes creepy way!

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