The Difference Between 2D, 3D, 4D and HD Live Ultrasound

What exactly is Ultrasound?

Ultrasound is the use of high frequency sound waves to generate a picture based on the return echo of the tissue that is being imaged. This technology is very similar to radar. Ultrasound does not utilize radiation. Extensive studies over 30 years have found that ultrasound is safe. It has not been shown to cause any harm to mother or baby. Routine scanning of all pregnancies is now normal throughout the United States. In 3D/4D scanning, exactly the same type and intensity of ultrasound is used as with conventional 2D scanning. In terms of exposure, 3D, HD LIVE and 4D ultrasound will be similar to a diagnostic 2D scan with your doctor.

In 3D Ultrasound, the ultrasound probe sends out high frequency sound waves while the sonographer is scanning in 2D. The probe then receives the return echo after it has reverberated off of the structure being imaged. The 3D software within the ultrasound machine utilizes the information from the return echo to generate a 3D rendering of the structure of interest; i.e.: your baby’s face!

“What is HD Live Ultrasound,” you ask? HD Live takes that very same information collected during 3D rendering. The difference is that HD Live displays the image using a different, more life-like light source. HD Live images are made up of pink and flesh tone colors verses the sepia you will see with standard 3D ultrasound imaging. Certain details are visualized slightly differently from 3D to HD Live.

On to 4D Ultrasound! 4D ultrasound is 3D ultrasound updated in real time. 4D, therefore is basically a movie of your baby moving around in 3D! Ever heard of 5D? 5D ultrasound is simply 4D in HD Live technology!

Beautiful and clear 3D/4D images of your baby, especially baby’s face, are often seen on a third trimester ultrasound. Good 3D/4D imaging requires a co-operative baby and adequate amniotic fluid in front of the structure being imaged. Some babies press against the wall of the uterus or placenta, or they may have their arms or hands lying in front of the face. This will make obtaining 3D/4D images difficult. It is good for parents to anticipate seeing their growing baby, but not to be too disappointed if the 3D/4D images prove difficult or the images of baby’s face are impossible to get. Every effort will be made to obtain the highest quality pictures for you and your family to cherish for years to come!

Cape Cod Baby: Our Favorite Doula

Shannon, of Cape Cod Baby, has a wealth of experience when it comes to the childcare field. Over 25 years, but who’s counting!? She has helped to support countless families during this time. Her passion for helping women through pregnancy, childbirth and with postpartum care has made her the incredible doula that she is today.

Shannon is highly trained & certified and strives to bring families the best possible care during their pregnancy journey and beyond. She prides herself on her ability to serve women through this process in the manner that best suits their family. Shannon can provide the peace of mind that you are looking for and believes that she can meet your doula needs.

Shannon offers a variety of services including labor doula, postpartum doula (that’s right; continued care after the baby is born!), placenta encapsulation, and Bengkung Belly Binding (postpartum belly wrapping). Each of these services are incredible:

Labor Doula:

Cape Cod Baby’s labor doulas are available by phone or email from the time you sign your contract. You will have a one-hour prenatal visit to work on a birth plan. Whether you want natural, medicated, water birth or VBAC, you will be supported by your doula. At 37 weeks, your doula will be on-call 24/7. Once you go into labor, your doula will be there for the duration. She will work with both you and your partner. Once the baby arrives, your doula will stay for up to an hour to help with skin-to-skin and initial latching and feeding guidance. You will also have a one-hour follow up postpartum visit to discuss the birth, the baby and any additional questions you may have.

Postpartum Doula:

Once you bring your baby home and you begin to adjust to your new lifestyle, help may be needed. Cape Cod Baby can help with all aspects of infant care including but not limited to: breastfeeding, bottle feeding, bathing & soothing the baby. Postpartum care can also include meal prep, light cleaning, errands and personal care. A minimum of 4 hours is required for daytime and a minimum of 8 hours is required for overnights. Postpartum care can last as long as you feel you need it. Cape Cod Baby’s goal is to help you with everyday tasks and assist in setting up a daily routine for your new family.

Sibling support is also offered (care for your older children while mom is in labor) to help your growing family transition smoothly. 

Placenta Encapsulation:

The traditional method of encapsulation is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TMC). TMC is one of the oldest herbal systems in the world. This method includes steaming the placenta using lemon and ginger to infuse and dehydrate before grinding and encapsulating. The process will take place over two days in the client’s home. Cape Cod Baby’s goal is to process it in a clean and sanitized environment, with as little outside contamination as possible. The Postpartum Encapsulation Specialist will be in your home no longer than two hours each day.  Each placenta will yield between 75 – 250 capsules depending on the size of the placenta. Benefits include: improvement in postpartum mood, balance to post-birth hormones, improvement in lactation and recovery from birth. It should be noted that individual results may vary.

Bengkung Belly Binding:

Bengkung belly binding is the art of wrapping a postpartum woman’s belly to hasten the recovery process. 

Benefits can include:

  • Abdominal wall support helping to heal diastasis recti

  • Support the body’s natural spine and posture realignment post-birth

  • Reduction of water, fat and air in the tissue and cells through constant pressure on the torso

  • Stabilizes loose ligaments

  • Helps prevent and relieve lower back strain

  • Prevents slouching while holding your baby

  • Provides support while organs return to pre-pregnancy position

Cape Cod Baby also offers Bereavement Care. Learning of complications in your pregnancy and or losing your baby is an experience that no one anticipates. We can personally attest that Shannon offers amazing care in these heart wrenching situations.

“A bereavement doula is an expert in all things pregnancy loss, and can be your compass when you feel like you’re completely lost.” – Cape Cod Baby

Working with Shannon has provided us great insight in to what a wonderful person she is. Her passion for supporting women through pregnancy and thereafter is unmatched. She is truly dedicated to her work and we at Perfect Timing consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have her as our Doula partner and friend.