Our Journey

Our names are Kristen and Sarah. Over the past few years we both became new mothers. As some of you may already know, this incredible life change causes you to re-evaluate your priorities and the way that you spend your time each day.

We come from a medical background and worked together in a local radiology department. Working together brought the two of us very close. We are two peas in a pod and we constantly joked about starting our own business together.

That joke continued until we stumbled onto something incredible! We found that we could take our medical background and education and repurpose it into something of our own! —using the experience of motherhood to open a business centered around this phase of life. Thus, Perfect Timing Ultrasound was born! We are passionate about providing heartbeat peeks, 3D/4D ultrasound, and gender determination to parents-to-be!

From heartbeat peeks to gender determination and 3D ultrasound, let us help you connect with your baby through every stage of pregnancy!

Perfect Timing’s Philosophy

Although our services at Perfect Timing are elective in nature, there are still some elements of our background that shine through.

First and foremost, our attention to the safety of our pregnant mothers and their babies is our number one priority. The service that we provide is always within safe parameters. Kristen is an ARDMS licensed sonographer credentialed in OB. Sarah is a licensed radiologic technologist with experience in the OB setting. Both of us have had extensive training in elective prenatal ultrasound and we are so excited to welcome you to Perfect Timing!

We are honored to fulfill the need that pregnant mothers have to connect with their little ones, and are proud to provide a service that allows them to do so whenever they choose! Offering gender determination, 3D ultrasound imaging, and HD Live technology has been incredible! Whether it be a quick drop in to see your baby’s heart beating or the full experience of seeing your baby moving in the fourth dimension, we want to be there to provide you this very special connection.

Thank you for choosing us! It is truly our honor to share this adventure with you!