People often wonder, “Is it worth it to have a 3D ultrasound done?” While it’s totally a personal preference, I can say with confidence that the experience is incredible. The ability to connect with your baby just for the shear enjoyment of it, is so unique. We cultivate a pressure free, relaxed atmosphere dedicated to your experience watching your baby. As a sonographer at a local medical center, Kristen dedicates the entire appointment to concentrating on the well being of the baby. She looks for medical abnormalities and focuses on capturing images that provide evidence to support the health of the baby. Kristen is often asked if she can capture any 3D images during these medical appointments. Unfortunately, the medical center doesn’t have the correct ultrasound probe. Often times, because of scheduling constraints in the diagnostic setting, there isn’t enough time to capture 3D ultrasound images following your medical ultrasound. Even if time and equipment allow for it, the only images you are able to take home with you are the 11mm x 8mm, black and white ultrasound photos.

Ok then, what else is there?

At Perfect Timing, we take the opportunity to create a lifelong memory for our clients very seriously. We register all of our clients for a free Babyflix app for their phone. With this app, our clients have access to all of their ultrasound photos and videos at any given time. The Babyflix app also provides the ability to share pictures and videos to social media or email and includes additional sharing options. It is also our standard practice to provide all of our clients with several black and white ultrasound photos at no cost. You can’t forget the classics after all! We offer numerous additional keepsake selections that enable you to cherish these precious images for a lifetime. Want to frame a color ultrasound photo of your precious babe? Perfect Timing offers 4in x 6in color photos as well as a USB option for storing all of your ultrasound photos and videos. These photo/video options are wonderful keepsakes for clients to look back on. For all clients who are 14 weeks along plus*, we can also listen to and record your baby’s heartbeat! We offer heartbeat stuffed animals personalized with the sound of your baby’s heartbeat! We can also have your baby’s heartbeat wave crafted in to a custom piece of jewelry! These options are amazing and all part of the experience we work so hard to cultivate. After recently having babies of our own, Kristen and I know how cherished these beautiful moments are. We are thrilled to provide the means for our fellow mothers-to-be to cherish them for the long run.

What can you see with 3D Ultrasound?

As evidenced in the gallery below, 3D Ultrasound has the ability to capture everything from your baby’s sweet little nose all the way down to his or her adorable little toes. We have had the joy of watching babies yawn, stretch, smile, and even suck their thumbs. Depending on baby’s position, we can even see adorable knuckle dimples on tiny hands, chubby cheeks and ankle rolls! The range of facial expressions is truly incredible. I still find myself in disbelief at times! The experience is unforgettable! So, is it worth it? We think so!

Client Testimonial:

Traci L.

Perfect Timing is AMAZING! It was the most relaxing ultrasound experience I have had. The owners are so kind, and so patient, explaining everything that I was seeing on the screen. The ultrasound room itself is so comfy, with nice big couches and an area in the corner for your kids to entertain themselves while you are getting to see your baby. I will be going back to Perfect Timing between my regular doctor appointments, it was that wonderful of an experience! Thank you ladies!