After going through the anguish of several losses, my stoic cousin, Amanda, finally had her miracle baby! Three weeks ago, on 10/3/18, baby Nolan was born! Prior to his birth, we were lucky enough to scan Amanda and see her growing baby at Perfect Timing on two occasions. She was one of our very first clients! After everything that she had been through, it was so amazing to be able to show Amanda her thriving baby boy, moving in 4D! We were able to capture some beautiful moments with 3D ultrasound, especially in HD Live. I will treasure those images/videos both as a new “Aunty” and as a proud owner of a business who provides families with these wonderful experiences! It truly is an honor to bring a family such joy after they have experienced such hardship. When it’s your own family member, its that much more fulfilling. I’ll never forget the excitement in my Aunty Mary’s voice when she saw her grandbaby’s precious face! We all thought the same thing, “He looks like his daddy!”

We were finally able to visit Amanda and Nolan yesterday! It was a highly anticipated visit due to a few issues that developed shortly after Nolan was born. (Don’t worry, all is well!). Yesterday’s visit was incredible! My cousin is a wonderful mama already, and despite sleep deprivation, she is glowing! When she looks at her baby, the love in her eyes is practically tangible. And why shouldn’t it be; he is perfection, if there ever was such a thing. He is a happy, healthy clone of his loving daddy with his mama’s beautiful eyes and the most precious smile you’ve ever seen. My 3 yr old was enamored by his new cousin “Lolan” and my 18 mth old could not stop staring at the new “Baby!” It was a heartwarming day to say the least. We loved every moment of cuddling him and listening to his new baby sounds!