Our first mompreneur business trip

We were recently invited to arrange a booth for Perfect Timing Ultrasound at a local resource fair. (So cool!) We thought this would be a fantastic way to introduce ourselves to the community. One of the questions we were asked in our interview was, “What is your favorite memory or story over the years involving you and your business?” We could have called on any of the amazing gender reveals we have been a part of or what an incredible experience we have had implementing our new service; Ovulation Tracking. We thought long and hard about all of the wonderful moments we have had with expectant families doing 3D Ultrasound. When it came down to it, we couldn’t choose just one of these memories. Instead, we reflected back on our incredible journey to becoming mompreneurs. After putting our babies to sleep, we dedicated countless late nights to fulfilling this dream. We accomplished so much in the middle of the night! The clarity that washes over you once the babies are down and you switch in to business mode, is striking. Crossing tasks off of that mompreneur to do list is like a shot of pure adrenaline. We planned 10 pm conference calls with our consultants, scheduled future social media posts, and researched everything about the responsibilities associated with running a business.

The Trip

One task that we couldn’t check off the late night list was our business trip to Milwaukee. This crazy mompreneur journey of ours required us to fly out to Wisconsin for a few days. We needed to get some hands on experience in elective 3D/4D and gender determination ultrasound with our consultant firm. It was a trip we had dreaded scheduling because that meant that we would have to tell our husbands that we were leaving them to fend for themselves with the kids. This was not a conversation that either of us were looking forward to. We had been working so hard on Perfect Timing, but were still fulfilling our roles as wives and mothers. Apparently, we had done a fine job of this because “PT” as we had come to call it, still wasn’t exactly a real thing to the men in our lives. They knew we were up to something big but I honestly don’t think they could comprehend just how serious we were about it. As you can imagine, the business trip conversation was a bit of a surprise to them. After a few conversations, they came to accept that we were going. Honestly, they were pretty great about it, and we are super thankful because this trip was massively important for PT.

 While in Wisconsin, we worked diligently to learn the ways of the elective imaging world. Coming from a medical imaging background, we have mastered the protocols of the diagnostic world. We have had in depth training in our imaging specialties and are well practiced in safety standards as well as proper imaging techniques. That being said, we had some methods to learn as far as elective imaging was concerned. Thankfully, we had THE BEST trainer ever in our dear friend, Nicole – we love you, girl! Because of our diagnostic imaging experience, we were able to pick things up really quickly. Kristen’s sonographer skills are incredible. She was able to capture stunning images right out of the gate.

Calling a Gender

Together, we also studied the techniques for performing early gender determinations. “Calling a gender” on a 14 week old fetus is no easy task. There are many things that can impact your ability to accurately visualize the gender on a baby of this gestational age. Something we cannot forget to mention here is the teeny tiny size of 14 week old fetal gender “parts.” At 14 weeks, the entire baby is the size of a lemon! That really provides some perspective on the size of the ity bity gender parts we are looking for and using to make this determination. Fetal position, including baby sitting on his or her bum (this does happen) or whether or not legs are crossed, location of the umbilical cord, and even maternal body habitus can also play a role in how well/what we can see with ultrasound. We learned all about these variables on our business trip. Kristen and I have even developed some of our own tricks since then to utilize in the event of a difficult gender scan.

Mompreneurs gone wild

(This is the “favorite memory/story” we submitted to the resource fair…hopefully they don’t kick us out)

Admittedly, our business trip wasn’t all business. We had a ton of laughs! This trip of ours was our first time away from our little families; just us two girls traveling unsupervised! The whole trip was so much fun. We had an absolute blast together and bonded more than ever! Our first night there we found the most amazing Mexican restaurant- “in Milwaukee?!” You ask. Yes, in Milwaukee! It was SOO good, they made their own guacamole in house, right at the table! Being that we are both creatures of habit, and suckers for good guac, apparently, we returned the following night for take-home Guac and chips to eat at the hotel. It was THAT good! That night we also picked up some “go us” champagne at CVS because… IN WISCONSIN, THEY SELL CHAMPAGNE AT CVS!! That alone just had to be celebrated. When we got back to the hotel, we had every intention of getting more work done on the website, but then, when we turned the TV on, there was a Jersey Shore marathon on… we had no choice. We kicked back and watched some good ol’ trash TV over chips, superb guac and CVS champagne.

It should come as no surprise that we had a small run in with the Milwaukee Police Department during this trip. I promise we are law abiding citizens and this had nothing to do with the champagne! We are painfully cautious in all ways, always. It just so happened that we were driving a rental car. At 3 am. On the way back to the airport. After a very long, strenuous trip. On the wrong side of the road. With no headlights on. IT WAS A RENTAL! No worries, we were not arrested. The police officer did not help us locate our headlights, but we did find them. We arrived at the airport in plenty of time to return the rental car and check in for our flight home to see our precious babies and wonderful husbands. It was a trip we will never forget and hope we get to recreate again one day! … minus the police officer….maybe!

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