Perfect Timing’s Packages

Ovulation Tracking

Increase your odds of successful conception with ultrasound guided ovulation tracking! Interpreted by board certified, Massachusetts registered Radiologists. Our team of radiologists are accredited by the Joint Commission. 

3D/4D Ultrasound with HD Live

Watch every little movement and get to know your baby before he or she arrives.

Heartbeat Sessions

Available as early as 6 weeks, see and hear your baby’s sweet heartbeat.

Gender Determination

Gender Ultrasound starting as early as 14 weeks, determine baby’s gender and plan your reveal! 

SneakPeek DNA Gender Determination starting at 9 weeks; Coming soon!!!

Specialty Options

Enhance your experience with packages that include MORE such as The Ultimate 3D Experience or TOP SECRET Gender Determination

Loved One’s Heartbeat

Image or record a loved one’s heartbeat for personalized heartbeat jewelry or stuffed animal.

1st Trimester…

The 1st trimester is a time full of “firsts.” See your little one’s heartbeat for the first time, or get your first 2D/3D/4D or HDLive sneak peek!

2nd Trimester…

Early 2D gender determination is available as soon as 14 weeks! We can include added 3D/4D and HDLive technology along with gender reveal.

3rd Trimester…

Get a last minute look at baby before the big day arrives! See how baby is laying and listen to the heartbeat in the weeks leading up to delivery.

Specialty Options…

From Ovulation Tracking & Pregnancy Verification to packages that include Gender Determination and 3D/4D & HD Live Ultrasound, plan your journey with Perfect Timing.