Perfect Timing & SneakPeek Clinical: DNA Gender Testing


We, at Perfect Timing Ultrasound, have partnered with Gateway Genomics to bring SneakPeek Clinical DNA Gender Determination to the South Shore of Massachusetts as well as Cape Cod. We are thrilled to be offering this exciting new service, and honored to be the first on the Massachusetts South Shore to do so! 

SneakPeek Clinical is a gender DNA detection test offered to women starting at 9 weeks in to pregnancy. The genetic test gives you the first step to connect with your baby before you are able to see the exciting, clear images from your ultrasoundscans. This clinical service includes an on-site phlebotomist that draws a blood sample in the comfort of the ultrasound suite. The sample is then returned to SneakPeek Labs for processing. The laboratories offer the fastest turnaround times in the industry, with a choice of receiving your result the same day the sample reaches the SneakPeek Lab!

SneakPeek’s early baby gender blood test utilizes the natural process of shared fetal DNA circulating inside the mother’s bloodstream. This technique is called Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR). Our PCR technology has the ability to detect the presence or absence of male Y chromosome in the blood sample provided starting at 9 weeks into pregnancy. If it is detected then the baby’s gender is male and if it is not detected then the baby’s gender is female.

You are test ready at 9 weeks after the first day of your Last Menstrual Period (LMP) or 31 weeks before your Estimated Due Date (EDD). Use this calculator to determine the exact date that you will be eligible for the SneakPeek DNA Gender Test.


To kick off this exciting new service, Perfect Timing Ultrasound is running a contest for a FREE SneakPeek DNA Gender Test on our Facebook page. There will be 3 winners for this contest, which will be announced Wednesday, January 9th 2019. Perfect Timing Ultrasound will be holding weekly SneakPeek Clinical events. Please follow us on Facebook for updates on dates/times! 



In controlled laboratory tests, SneakPeek detected shared male fetal DNA in >99% of blood samples from pregnant women carrying male fetuses at 9 weeks gestational age and later into pregnancy. Male fetal DNA was not detected in blood samples from pregnant women carrying female fetuses.

In a blinded multi-center study performed in 2015 with samples collected at four clinics, SneakPeek® showed an accuracy rate of 100% for fetal sex identification. The results of this study may be reviewed here.

The Journal of Pregnancy and Child Health published a research article about the SneakPeek Early Gender Test (Gateway Genomics). Entitled, “Early Fetal Sex Determination using Cell-Free DNA in Micro-Volume of Maternal Plasma,” the purpose of this study was to assess the clinical performance of SneakPeek for noninvasive prenatal testing (NIPT) of fetal sex.This blinded multicenter study showed that SneakPeek Early Gender Test is highly accurate for fetal sex determination in early pregnancy. This micro volume noninvasive prenatal test for early fetal sex determination could simplify the collection of maternal blood and increase the accessibility of NIPT to a broad population. Interested in reading more? This link will take you to the full article.

Some FAQs

I’m carrying multiples, can I still have the test!?

Yes, you can. If SneakPeek detects the presence of male DNA,then we can confirm at least one of the babies is male. If SneakPeek does not detect male DNA then we can confirm you are only having female babies.

Will a previous pregnancy carrying a male affect my test result?

A previous pregnancy carrying a male has no effect on the accuracy of our test.

What is the accuracy of SneakPeek® before 9 weeks?

The accuracy of SneakPeek earlier than 9 weeks into pregnancy has not been evaluated. The SneakPeek test should not be doneuntil you are 9 weeks pregnant. 

Will my sample degrade during shipping?

No, once samples are sealed in the collection tube they are preserved for shipment.


SneakPeek Clinical Pricing & Turnaround Times

SneakPeek FastTrack: (Next Day Results) $149.00

Results will be made available between 6pm-9pm Pacific Time the day the sample is received.

SneakPeek Standard: (Two – Three Day Results) $129.00

Results will be made available between 1pm-5pm Pacific Time the day after the sample is received.


Process at Perfect Timing Ultrasound

Perfect Timing will be holding weekly events for the SneakPeekDNA gender testing. We will be posting updates for dates and times on our Facebook Page, so be sure to like and follow us! 

When you arrive to our building; 6 Resnik Rd. in Plymouth, MA, we are located in suite 202 on the second floor. There is an elevator for your convenience and, after the restrooms, we are the first suite on your left. When you enter our office, we will have you check in with us at our reception desk. Your blood draw will take place in the comfort of our ultrasound room under the care of a licensed phlebotomist. The SneakPeekClinical test only requires a small amount of venous blood (3 mL) and will be collected using standard venipuncture procedure. Anticlotting precautions will be taken and a preservative injected to and mixed within the sealed tube to ensure that the sample does not degrade. The DNA sample will be marked with your information and shipped according to your selection; FastTrack or Standard. 

Please feel free to send us a message on Facebook or contact us.