So many of our clients at Perfect Timing are just beginning their families. This is their first pregnancy and they’re all doe-eyed and well rested, blissfully unaware of just how drastic a change is coming. I admire this, I do. I’m totally not jealous of their lack of under-eye bags. Lol ok, I am! But still, I love it. We talk all about their pregnancies and how excited they are! It’s such a special time and Kristen and I really do enjoy being a part of their pregnancy journeys. A big topic of conversation during their 3D ultrasounds is having two close in age. I’m all for it.. I’m living it now with two 19 months apart, but boy oh boy is it crazy sometimes! Different struggles present themselves when baby number two comes along, some are are brief and fleeting while others seem to snowball over the long haul. For us, potty training has been one of those things that has gotten more difficult as the children have gotten older.

The trials and tribulations of potty training a 3 yr old while trying to keep your 18 month old alive cannot be overstated. I take full ownership of the fact that we waited a little long to start potty training our son. We should have jumped at the opportunity when, just after his 2nd birthday, he began expressing interest. I just doubted that he was really ready… Mom fail. Second Mom Fail; underestimating just how stubborn a 3 yr old can be. These multiple Mom Fails are exacerbated by the fact that my now 18 month old has dedicated her every waking moment to putting herself in mortal danger.

Allow me to clarify some things;

My son is fully capable of being potty trained. He can go hours without an accident and tells me when he needs to go: “Mommy, I DO need to go. I DO need to go NOW!” His 3 year old obstinance is the issue. He refuses to tell his Dad when he has to go. Often times I need to force him to the potty because even though I know he needs to go, he says he doesn’t. These throw-downs are almost always followed by a nice long pee! (His pediatrician, who is wonderful, assured me that this is ok and has urged me to put him on the potty every so often, whether he wants to go or not. The hope is to wear him down.. I’ll get back to you on this.)

Ok, back to it!

Imagine this scenario; I’m cleaning in the kitchen, getting ready for work at the Medical Center, making lunch etc.  All while stopping every 30 seconds to pull Charlotte off of something, down from somewhere. In comes Wes making the poop face and looking at me like 😳 while yelling “It’s coming!!!” In these moments you have to act fast. I pick him up and bolt to the bathroom telling him what a good boy he is for telling me and that I love him so much! A few minutes goes by and I realize 🚨 I haven’t pulled Charlotte down from anywhere since just prior to Wes’ potty alert. As that registers, I hear, “Mere!!” – Which is Charlotte for, “come here!” – I abandon Wes on the potty and book it in to the kitchen where I see Charlotte, grinning ear to ear and perched in the pass through; the window-esc opening between the living room and the kitchen. I grab her and pull her down to safety and I hear Wes calling from the bathroom, “Mommy, I’m done!” I rush back to the bathroom, this time with Charlotte in tow. I clean him up, scrubbing his hands extra throughly. Only Lord knows where he put them whilst I was rescuing his sister from certain paralysis.

That excerpt is basically our normal 😂. We ride the crazy train daily in this house, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love having two so close in age. I used to worry that Wes would be upset by the introduction of a new baby. He was so little when she was born that to my surprise, he doesn’t remember life without her! The adaptation was nearly instant. It’s a love-hate relationship, but most sibling dynamics are! At the end of the day they adore one another. It is a beautiful thing to behold amongst the ruins of my house. There will be time to clean one day.. for now, I’m just enjoying it. Surviving the stressful moments and memorizing the rest.